The Hardy Owner Spring 2014 features Propane Engines

Lehr’s propane outboards are featured in the Spring issue of the Hardy Owners Club magazine…

What’s New On The Market: Propane Outboards

I was intrigued when I saw an announcement about propane outboards and wanted to know more.
I contacted Paul Woodlock of Hypro Marine to ask for more information about his products. It turns out that Paul is searching for more dealers in the UK and Ireland to add to those he already has acquired to sell and service these new engines. HOC Editor.


Hypro Marine are to distribute the world’s first propane outboard. LEHR, the award-winning technology company is continuing its expansion into the European market, with the appointment of Hypro Marine as their UK & Eire sole distributor for the latest innovation, the world’s first OEM propane powered outboard motor, including 2.5HP, 5.0HP, 9.9HP and 15HP models.

The ground-breaking leader in research and development for environmentally friendly technology, LEHR was founded by Captain Bernardo Herzer, an experienced captain with a passion for the environment. Once Herzer saw the positive impact his first propane powered products had on the environment, he was inspired to continue to apply his patented technology to create products with both higher power and cleaner emissions.

The benefits of propane over petrol include lower fuel cost, no petrol polluting the water, no ethanol or fuel related issues, zero evaporative emissions, easy starts (no choke), no priming, no carburettor and no winterizing. “Petrol is difficult to store and transport and the carbon monoxide fumes it produces can be harmful to boaters as well as the environment. This affects the entire food chain,” says Herzer, who patented a way to make small commercial engines run cleaner and more efficiently on propane.

LEHR continues to create extremely green and reliable products in the market today, and it is Herzer’s mission to create a cleaner planet through environmentally friendly technology. The LEHR 2.5hp and 5hp are fuelled from a 465g camping gas cylinder with a remote tank option available, whilst the 9.9hp and 15hp run from a remote tank.

New to LEHR for 2014 is the world’s first electric start portable outboard with a self-enclosed internal battery for starting the engine. This will be available on the 9.9hp and the 15hp models. Stock will be available in a selected dealer network from early 2014.

Hypro Marine are specialists in distributing selected quality marine products throughout the UK including SeaStar Solutions (formerly Teleflex Marine) hydraulic steering systems, Lectrotab trim tabs and Glendinning controls, Cablemaster™ and Hosemaster™, along with manufacturing their own powered hydraulic steering systems.

Paul Woodlock, Sales and Marketing Manager at Hypro Marine said, “it is very exciting to find such an innovative product in the marine industry that has so many user benefits, from being a greener technology to the ease of use. We are in the process of creating a skilled dealer network that can handle both the sales and service for the LEHR outboards and we are looking forward to seeing stock in with these dealers in the very near future.”

Prices range from £729 to £2,949, inc VAT, depending on engine size, shaft length and start method.